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I am a passionate photographer and cinematographer who loves to capture beautiful moments and create stunning imagery. I have been working in the field of photography and cinematography for over 3 years, and I specialize in producing creative and high-quality photographs and videos. I am also experienced in post-production editing and color grading. I strive to create unique images that reflect the personality of my clients. I am dedicated to creating the perfect shots and creating the perfect atmosphere for each and every project.

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My Story

My name is Ankush Debnath, and I'm a professional photographer. I aim to capture the beauty of the world through the lens of my camera, and I'm passionate about creating beautiful memories that can be cherished forever. I travel the world, taking pictures of the moments I experience and the people I meet along the way. My goal is to enjoy every second of my life with my camera and share the memories I capture with the world. If you're looking for a photographer, I'm your one-stop shop.

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Our Happy Clients

Your versatility as both a photographer and a filmmaker is truly impressive. Whether capturing breathtaking landscapes or intimate human connections, your work showcases a profound understanding of light, color, and emotion.

Pokhraj Chakraborty

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Iman Chakraborty Production

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 7029468058

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